Stories from a Blue Planet: Bob Kihslinger

girl hugging a tree — Wix

Where did the term “Tree Hugger” come from?

I got to thinking about the term “tree-hugger” and wondered where it came from. I had supposed it was obvious. People who love the environment were mocked by this moniker just like Packer fans who…

I didn’t see for her the first six weeks. She was a ghost. Ours had been a cyber-space relationship, an invisible link through which we met, hatched an agreement and smoothed out the details like, “Are peach pits allowed?” Then, one day, an empty bucket appeared outside the front door…

Rain Barrel Anxiety

The new rain barrel was full and more rain was on the way.

Fresh water is one of the world’s precious commodities. It should be treasured. Preserving our environment means preserving our water. So…

I installed a rain barrel today. I got it from my son for…

Bob Kihslinger

Owner environmental blog | | Grandfather of seven young environmentalists | Just trying to keep up

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